It is a great pleasure for me to support the Tabcat Detroit Capoeira classes provided in the Detroit Metropolitan area under the instruction of Mr. Kelvin Wyatt (contra-mestre, pequenininho). The reason why I thoroughly enjoy these sessions is because they are a unique blend of martial arts, rhythmic movements and melodic songs and instrumentation which are connected with intense exercise, fluid coordination and deep spirituality for the participants. These sessions are shrouded in the rich culture of Brazil and South Eastern Africa from which its roots originate. This multifaceted discipline provides a great opportunity to experience the many contributions that Afro-Brazilian culture has given the world in addition to developing a sound mind and body, all at once.

With sincere regards,.

-Dr. V Shawn

Baba Kelvin.... Thank you Thank you Thank you
For your time, your commitment to cultural preservation and the love you have shown through disciplined, fun, and exciting instruction.

My lil king looks forward to Saturday's class! He is practicing movements and using what he's learned in the circle. He is sharing what he learned with friends and family.

Affordable, family centered, culturally rooted, and super fun.

Ms. Kari O. Jordan



Whole Foods Detroit - 2013-2014

CCS - College for Creative Studies Hispanic Heritage Month 2013

African American Family - 2008

I’m so thankful that we found TABCAT Detroit. My 15 year old son has tried all different kinds of classes and activities over the past few years. Soccer, gymnastics, acting, swimming and a dance team! Nothing has held his interest as much as capoeira. It combines his fascination with martial arts and his love of dancing and music and also challenges him to do his best. He deeply respects Treinel Pequenininho. He is being exposed to a culture other than his own and is learning to appreciate a language, music, and traditions that he knew nothing about. He struggles daily with ADHD and learning disabilities.

It often seems that, for him, nothing is worth putting forth any effort. But with capoeira, every week he wants to show me something new that he learned, and he practices in the yard, in the living room, even with the dog! When I asked him why he likes capoeira, he said, “It releases a lot of energy, makes me stronger, makes me a better break dancer, and is something to do on the weekend instead of just being a couch potato.” I couldn’t ask for more than that.

- B. Fleischmann


Treinel Pequenininho

TABCAT Detroit

RE: Home of Love - Headstart Program

Dear Treinel Pequenininho:

Thank you for TABCAT Detroit's participation at the Home of Love (a Headstart Program). You brought the vision to pass, in that the children at the Home of Love were exposed to Capoeira. I know the demonstration will have a lasting effect on their young minds. You were a superhero.


D. Webster-Cox

February 26, 2013