Capoeira Angola for Teens & Adults

Today's generation of teens are in need of balance and structure to move into the next step of their adult life. Our classes provide teens with a balanced
environment filled with creative thinking, responsibility and fun. As shown above our teens have gained the knowledge and confidence to help everyone
understand that it all starts from somewhere. For our adults Capoeira Angola gives you a energizing experience while learning a new culture. Tabcat Detroit
also offers our students the opportunity to travel to Brazil to continue their training and growth in Capoeira Angola.

Health Benefits

  • Increased energy, you will feel amazing after a class filled with good energy and fellowship.
  • Flexibility is also another bonus of practicing Capoeira Angola each movements develops elasticity within the body.
  • The practice of Capoeira Angola helps develop excellent mental functions and better focus in school.
  • Capoeira Angola will give you the total fitness workout that you have been looking for. The results include core training, stamina, strength, flexibility
    and cardio conditioning.

Social Benefits

  • In Capoeira Angola you will gain a new circle of friends.
  • Practice of Capoeira Angola is a great stress relief from a long work day.
  • Experience a different culture as Capoeira Angola originates from Brazil with a rich history.
  • Capoeira Angola instills self-esteem and pride through achieving your goals and developing your own unique creativity in the roda.