Centro Tabcat

Centro Tabcat has been offering Folkloric Brazilian Arts programs for over 15 years. The main instructor and director of the organization is Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda, a Brazilian Master (Mestre) from Salvador Bahia Brazil with over 35 years of experience in Brazilian folkloric arts and music. He is a graduated Master in Brazilian Capoeira. Our performances include various aspects of the diaspora of Brazil such as Samba Reggae, Maculele (dance of sugarcane workers), Afoxe (folkloric Brazilian rhythm), Batucada (traditional Brazilian samba percussion) and more. Some of our performances included the African-World Festival, Concert of Colors, University of Michigan, Toyota diversity celebration and more! We have also conducted hundreds of workshops & performances at local schools & universities such as Martin Luther King high school, Cass Tech high school and Nsoroma Institute.


Tabcat Detroit

Tabcat Detroit was established under the guidance and leadership of Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda upon teaching Capoeira for over 15 years in Michigan. After becoming a Treinel of Capoeira the Detroit chapter was passed onto Contra-Mestre Pequenininho. Since then Tabcat Detroit continues to stay active with individual and community develop through the folkloric dance of Capoeira. The school has also taught many after school programs within the Osborn Community and Metro Detroit area.

Tabcat Detroit Mission

  • To teach, train and continue the traditions of Capoeira of Bahia
  • To provide a means for individuals and communities to enjoy art, theater, physical fitness, music, language and the folkloric dance of Capoeira