Director and Teacher of Tabcat Detroit

Contra-Mestre Pequenininho started training in Capoeira in 1997 in Detroit however he always thrived for a deeper understanding in Capoeira. This led Pequenininho to find a strong Mestre to learn from which introduced Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda leader of Centro Tabcat. Pequenininho trains in Capoeira Angola of Bahia as passed to him by Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda. In 2009 Pequenininho was graduated to the title Treinel (teacher) in Capoeira Angola by Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda and has continued to grow in Capoeira Angola. After traveling to Salvador, Bahia in 2014 Pequenininho was graduated to the title Contra-Mestre in Brazil by Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda. Contra-Mestre Pequenininho's goal much like Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda is to pass on the culture of Brazil through understanding, respect & peace.

Since then, this Detroit native has taken on the task to pass on Capoeira Angola to the next generation of students. Pequenininho has taught classes to kids, teens and adults with an emphasis on community enrichment and unity through Capoeira Angola. Contra-Mestre Pequenininho has performed for many musical events, lectures, demonstration and festivals throughout Michigan and other countries.